About us

About us

Video Impact UK was originally founded in March of 2000. Since that time we have expanded our business extensively, with much of the growth coming directly as a result of customer requests.

Initially our business ideas were completely different to what we have today. Back then we actually believed we knew what our customers wanted! But over time, as we listened to them, it became clear that they knew far better than we did what they really wanted, and so our business evolved into what it is today as a direct response to our customers wishes.

Even though we now have a thriving business, we still continue to listen to our customers and to develop services based on their requirements! However, big is not always beautiful, and in our books Quality and Attentions to Detail mean more to us than profits and turnover and we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a personal no-nonsense service at competitive rates.

Our aim is for all of our customers to get exactly what they require, easily and without fuss while making great savings at the same time.