Audio Cassettes

Cassette to CD Transfers

Audio Cassette Transfer to CD or FileFrom £8

Basic transfer and copy of any standard audio cassette to CD or File Format.

Small orders up to 5 Cassettes – £8 per cassette
Large orders over 5 Cassettes – £5 per cassette


Steno/Dictaphone Tapes – £15 per tape

Mini, Micro, Philips and Grundig Steno and Dictaphone tapes transferred to CD or other format of your choice.

Cassette Review Service  – £10 per tape

Not sure what is recorded on the tape? Use our Review Service to find out!

Audio Enhancement – £5 per tape

Improve the quality of your recordings by reducing or removing unwanted hum and hiss on recordings and optimizing targeted frequency bands.

Tape Repairs – £5 per tape + Transfer cost

If your cassette or tape is damaged no problem. We can repair and transfer most items.