Records LP’s & 78’s

Records to CD

Digital Vinyl/Record Transfers

A professional cleaning and transfer service for all old records including, vinyl, shellac, Wicox-Gay Recordio Discs (WGRD); Presto; Duodisc; Audiodiscs; and Recoton discs.

Record to CD or FileFrom £10 per record

All of our record transfers include Professional Cleaning, Scratch/Pop/Click noise reduction as standard. Does not include Track Separation (see below)

Small orders up to 3 Records – £12 per record

Large orders over 3 Records – £10 per record


Professional Cleaning only – £5 per record

If you have a large collection of records and would like to Improve the quality of your listening why not use our record cleaning service. Not only will it improve your listening, but extend the life of your record and needles as well.

Track Separation – 25p per track

Track Separation provides you with a separate track for each piece of music so that you may skip from one track to another (Note: this service is not available for Live or Non-musical recordings).