Polavision Film

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Polavision Transfers

In the 1970’s the Polaroid company briefly introduced a system called Polavision Photo tape. This short-lived format never really caught on with the public as it was relatively expensive and provided an inferior quality film image when compared to the regular or standard 8mm film of the day.

Polavision to DVD or File

Small orders of up to 3 cassettes – £15 per cassette
Large orders over 3 cassettes – £12 per cassette

Important Note

In order to transfer Polavision it is necessary for us to remove the film from the plastic cassettes and prepare them for transfer. Once the film is transferred it is returned to you as a wound film spool. There are no harmful effects to the film during this process but it does mean that you will not be able to use the film in the original Polaroid Viewer should you still have one that is working!

Please note: Polavision film cannot be ‘cleaned’ due to it’s unique layered chemical makeup.