MiniDisc Transfers



MiniDisc (MD)


Prices – £5 per recorded hour*


History of the MD

In the early 1990’s the digital MiniDisc (MD) using ATRAC coding was introduced to replace the ageing analog audio cassette. The MiniDisc offered high quality stereo digital recordings of up to 160 minutes in LP2 mode, with some models also giving a lower quality LP4 mode that could be used for dictation.
The format never really took off, with CD, flash drives, and HDD technology being developed around the same time the competition was too much. Production ceased in 2013.

Basic Transfer

Each minidisc will be transferred to a separate CD which can be played on a PC or CD player.

MiniDisc to Digital File

Your minidiscs can also be converted to editable files such as WAV, (for Windows), AIFF (for MAC) or MP3. Each minidisc will be saved as a single audio file ready to play or transfer onto your PC or laptop. These are ideal for storage, or for sharing with your friends and family via the internet. The digital files can be supplied on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, memory stick or card.

Important Note
We are unable convert recordings in LP4 mode.

*Minimum £10 per disc