Review Service

Review Service

Audio & Video Review Service

From £5 to £15


Whether Video or Audio tapes, there are times when you are not going to know what has been recorded on them. That is where our Review Service proves invaluable.

For a small fee (payable in advance) we will produce a comprehensive written review of your recording. This will include the running time, quality assessment, content description and a quote for the cost of transfer should you decide it’s a recording worth keeping.

Below is an example of an Audio Review from a Reel to Reel audio tape

Tape 1 – Track 1. Time – 38 minutes – Varying degrees of recording quality. Mainly GOOD

1. Audio letter to Bill & Debby in Australia (Good -8 mins)
2. Baby talking (Fair -12 mins)
3. Short piece of classical music (Good – 18 mins)

Basic transfer to CD of this tape – £15 + P&P (Audio Enhancement Recommended but optional – add £5)