Slides, Negatives and Photos to CD

Prints/Negatives/Slides/Digital Images/Prints from Video or Cine/Restoration/Repair/Recovery


Digital Files or Prints – From 40p per image

We can transfer, enlarge, enhance & copy any type and size of Slide, Negative, Transparency or Photo to any high quality file format, slideshow, CD or Print. Price includes dust removal and image enhancement (color & contrast).

Medium Quaility File (Suitable for Viewing) – 40p per image
High Quality File (Suitable for Printing) – 50p per image

High Quality File + Pro 4×6 inch Prints – £1 per image

Restoration, Repairs & Recovery

We restore, repair, enhance & recover images from any kind of film format from glass plate negatives to modern day digital files.

Digital Photo Restoration – From £10

Costs for this service are based on the level of restoration required for each image or photograph. Prices start from as little as £10.