Sticky Tape Syndrome

Sticky Shed Syndrome

Sticky Shed Syndrome – £10 per tape


Sticky Tape Syndrome or ‘Sticky Shed Syndrome’ as it is also known in the industry is a phenomenon that occurs in professional quality recording tape manufactured during the 1970’s & 80’s.

Audio recording tape is made of a polyester backing with a polyurethane binder on top which holds the oxides onto the tape. During the 70’s & 80’s a specific molecular weight was chosen for the binder that the engineers felt would yield the best product. However, after a few years a problem began to emerge. Tapes that had been archived in places that had any level of humidity showed a propensity to stick to the recording heads when played, basically rendering them unplayable.

The good news is that using a specially designed environmental chamber we can extract this moisture in order to transfer these tapes. This is a temporary & totally non-destructive process with no detrimental affect on the tape, and provides the ideal solution to the problem of transferring this kind of tape.