Timeline Service

Custom Editing Service

Timeline – £15 per hour of recording

This service is primarily designed for those clients who desire more than just a basic film transfer. It allows you to accurately edit your film from the comfort of your own home!

We produce a draft copy of your film that when played on your TV screen will show a time code at the top of the screen and a reel or video number on the bottom (these are overlays and do not affect your original footage). You can now accurately identify and reference any specific scene or point within the film simply by referring to the time and reel or film number. You can add music, titles, narration or even specify some kind of special effect (sepia, or fades etc.) to emphasize a particular area of film.

Using our Editing Sheets and instructions (including an example Sheet) you can start editing your first production within minutes!

Then simply return your completed editing sheet to us and we will edit the original as per your instructions and produce your final copy to DVD or any other format you require. Simples!