Betamax Video

Betamax Tapes to DVDBetamax Tapes to DVD or File – From £10 per tape

Basic transfer of Betamax (Beta, Betacord, Beta HiFi, Betamovie) tapes to DVD or other media from as little as £10 per tape.

Small orders up to 5 Tapes – £15 per tape
Large orders over 5 Tapes – £10 per tape

Timeline – £15 per hour

For total control and a professional finish to your production, indulge yourself in our Timeline Service Option. This will allow you to edit your video in the comfort of your own home. You can add Titles, Music, Narration and special effects to make your video into something truly special.

Tape Repairs – £10 per tape + Transfer cost

If your Betamax Video tape is damaged or broken don’t throw it away! Just send them to us for repair and transfer to DVD or other media.